Reviews & Testimonials

I truly cannot go on enough about how much I love this product! This clay is unique in it's color, harvesting methods, and location of origin. Part of my monthly regimen is applying a thin layer on my face, thick layer on my body, and enjoying a glass of wine as I lay in the sun and let it dry.

The cooling effect it has upon application is soothing. It does not pull or sting intensely as it dries, so it can be left on longer without discomfort for a potent detoxifying experience. My favorite feature of this clay is that it can be vigorously rubbed off the body for an exfoliating effect. 

I feel like a have new skin as soft as a baby's bottom, every time I apply VIDA Blue Clay. 

I love it so much that I share the "turn yourself into a blue avatar" experience during Spa Parties I host in Costa Rica!

Annalisa CampBellyDance, LLC.

"I am in love with VIDA Blue Clay!  It's the best exfoliator and leaves your skin feeling super soft. It's an easy and effective way to up your self-care.

And... straight from Gaia! I love treating myself to a weekly clay mask, and when I have the time, a full body waterfall experience! It will change your life".

- Ali Schechter, Danyasa, Dominical, Costa Rica 

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"VIDA Blue Clay is incredible, some of the highest quality I’ve tried - and I’ve tried many! 

It leaves the skin feeling clean, vibrant and generally more healthy looking.

Highly recommend this clay to anyone wanting to detox and truly cleanse the skin”

Larry Ostrovsky, Owner, SOL CBD

“My experience with VIDA Blue Clay has been extraordinary in a couple of ways. Not only is it a deeply purifying and cleansing exfoliant for my skin, which I appreciate so much has also provided healing for a lupus condition that I have that affects my skin.

I use VIDA Blue Clay for both myself and my son whenever we have a wound or issues manifesting through our skin, or maladies of general health. Its healing properties accelerate the restoration to full health and a knowing of wellness.

It is true magic, harvested from the depths of the jungle’s earth, undeniable in its affect, and we will always have a supply on hand”. 

Lori Lennox, Los Gatos, California