Benefits & How to Use

Natural Blue Clay also known as “Healing Clay” is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antitumoral, and has been used as a naturopathic remedy for various skin diseases, infections and other bodily ailments.

VIDA Blue Clay can be used for:

  • Facial Masks & Spot Treatments for Acne & Oily/Dry Skin
  • Soothing Relief from Sun Burns and Bug Bites
  • Sunscreen & Bug Repellent
  • Cuts, Skin Rashes & Fungal Infections
  • Rejuvenating, Tightening and Regenerating Skin Tissue
  • Restoring & Softening Hair Follicles
  • Skin Exfoliations & Tattoo Restoration
  • Skin & Body Detoxifications to remove Heavy Metals
  • Eye Inflammations & Teeth Whitening

For Facials or Spot Treatments:

Take out 1 teaspoon of dry powder clay (approximately 7 grams / .25 ounces) and place in a bowl or small container. Add 1 teaspoon of water and mix clay until it has a smooth creamy consistency. Add more water or clay if necessary.  

Apply the clay mixture on the face with your fingers or for best results use a brush to evenly cover all of the skin on your face and forehead, including around and under the nose. Do not apply clay directly under the eyes. 

Once the clay fully dries on your face, wait 10 minutes and go outside to remove clay by gently exfoliating the clay off your face with DRY HANDS or a luffa brush until you remove all the thick dry clay off your skin, as it will turn to powder. (DO NOT USE WATER to remove the thick clay, first remove the thick layer of dry clay by exfoliating it gently off your face). 

After you have removed the clay off your face, there will be light layer of clay left on your face, you can then remove that light layer with water.  Apply coconut oil or skin lotion to the face to hydrate your skin.

For Full Body Treatments:

Follow the same instructions as above. 

One jar of 4 oz Dry Powder Clay is good for 1 upper body treatment.

One bag of 12 oz Dry Powder Clay is good for 1 or 2 full body treatments depending on the thickness of clay you apply to your body.